The following links are to sites to organisations to who we owe credit in the design of our web site or to products and services to whom we are affiliated to or consider to be useful in running your business


Operating systems:


Ubuntu server
As stated elsewhere on the site where possible
we tend to implement Linux or BSD as our
preferred operating system.
Though there are many flavours of Linux
our current choice for servers is Ubuntu Server.
It is a high performance operating system that
is specifically designed for the job as a server
operating system.


Database engines:


When implementing multi-tier database engines we
prefer to implement operating system open source
database engines, the main reasons for this being
speed and cost to you our clients.


Office applications:


OpenOffice An amazing integrated office suite containing word processor,
spreadsheet, database and presentation software.
Capable of reading and writing many proprietary document
formats and completely free.
KompozerAn open source WYSIWYG website design program.
Kompozer was used to design and implement the
Data Techtonics website.
GimpThe GNU Image Manipulation Program.
A powerful open source graphic editing suite
similar to Adobe Photoshop.
FirefoxA fast and highly configurable web browser.
ThunderbirdAn open source cross platform email and usenet news client.


Disaster prevention tools:


AVGA free (for non commercial use) virus scanner and removal tool
SpybotSpyware scanner, prevention and removal suite.
Zone alarmAn internet firewall program for PC’s running Microsoft Windows.


Credits, business partners and affiliates:


Fuss3Our preferred suppliers of printers, parts and consumables.
They may not always be the cheapest but their customer friendly support and service is second to none.. of free web graphics including the ribbon cable graphic at the top of our web pages.